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Armen Eloyan
Armen Eloyan, 1966

Noted for his large-scale, irreverent paintings of anthropomorphic animals and figures, Armen Eloyan depicts absurd narratives in his darkly existential work. Though Eloyan doesn’t define himself as a writer, his paintings tell sardonic, sometimes erotic stories. Partly inspired by cartoons and street art, as well as the European masters, his works are heavily impastoed with colorful paints and thick black outlines, adroitly balancing dark humour with a searing existential vision.

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Untitled (C.R.P. 13), 2022, Oil on canvas
Untitled (C.R.P. 10), 2022, Oil on canvas
Prussian Blue Mauve, 2021, Oil on canvas
Untitled (3), 2020, Oil on canvas
untitled (Portrait 30), 2017, Oil on canvas
Untitled, 2016, Acrylic on canvas



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