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Richard Patterson
Richard Patterson, 1963

Richard Patterson's complex, multilayered paintings sit firmly within the grand traditions of European and American art, and employ a battery of techniques, genres and media. Often attracted by latent psychological or sexual charge, Patterson draws allusions from his personal archive and popular culture, which are then infused with material references to the academic history of painting. Claiming a process of 'masking', Patterson combines carefully rendered portraits with fenestrations of abstract painting as a means of generating a binary – and mutual – existence between the two contrasting languages of figuration and abstraction. Engaging with notions of fetish, these 'masks' literally anatomise the figure beneath, whilst conceptually acknowledging the inherent voyeurism of painting. 

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Raquel, 2023, Oil on linen
Way Hey and Up She Rises, 2022, Oil on linen
Dog, 2022, Oil on linen
Delaunay, 2022, Oil on linen
Robot, 2022, Oil on linen
Driver, 2022, Oil on linen



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