Sean Dower and Richard Wilson: Break it down - A performance

23 March 2006 London

One night only: 23 March 2006 6 – 8.30pm, performance starts 7.15pm

Sean Dower and Richard Wilson will present a unique live percussion performance at Timothy Taylor Gallery on Thursday 23 March.
Trained as a sculptor, Richard Wilson was one of the founders (together with Paul Burwell and Anne Bean) of the influential performance group, the Bow Gamelan Ensemble. From 1983 until the early nineties Bow Gamelan performed internationally, producing a series of spectacular visual and musical happenings.
About the same time as the Bow Gamelan’s inception, Sean Dower started performing with several bands involved in the experimental UK ‘Industrial’ music scene of the early 80’s. Going on to study sculpture and film, he introduced himself to Wilson and by the late 80s had begun working with the Bow Gamelan Ensemble.
Dower and Wilson have also performed or been involved into a unique grammar and have, in turn, influenced their collaborations and individual practices. The continuing example of the artist-percussionist Paul Burwell has inspired them to treat percussion as a material, or medium in itself. Taking the idea of improvisation in music and applying it to visual practice and in turn taking the concept of ‘Truth to material’ in the visual arts and applying it to the practice of music.
The performance is free.