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Kiki Smith
Kiki Smith, 18 October12 November 2022, New York
211 West 19th Street, New York
Opening Reception: 18 October, 6–8pm

Timothy Taylor is pleased to present an exhibition of works by the American artist Kiki Smith focusing on sculpture, drawing, collage, and wall works from the 1990s that draw together Smith’s study of the human body and the natural world. The exhibition is presented in a temporary exhibition space at 211 West 19th Street in Chelsea, while the gallery renovates a new 6,000-square-foot gallery in Tribeca that will open next year. The exhibition will be accompanied by text written by Lumi Tan, Senior Curator at the Kitchen.

Sculpting, painting, and weaving the human and animal form in a variety of mediums, Smith has long been interested in our most basic relation to the world we live in. How do we live with our mortality, she asks, and how is our experience influenced by the religious, environmental and social structures around us?

The works in this exhibition exhume the body from its battlegrounds: angry spirits inspired by Greek myths stand with Eve-like bronze women; poisoned birds fallen from the sky. Directly and without rhetoric, Smith’s work exposes our core: emblems of primal loss, sexuality and birth that suggest our unchanging nature over the millennia.
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Kiki Smith – Timothy Taylor