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Sahara Longe: New Shapes
Sahara Longe: New Shapes, 2 June8 July 2023, London

Timothy Taylor is pleased to present New Shapes, a new exhibition by British artist Sahara Longe (b. 1994), on view at the London gallery from 2 June to 8 July 2023. This is the artist’s first solo exhibition with the gallery and first solo exhibition in the UK, which will be followed by a solo presentation of paintings at Frieze Seoul in September 2023. The title, New Shapes, signals a newly geometric departure in the artist’s compositions.

In Longe’s new body of work, highly stylized abstraction overlays a documentary approach. Like the British painter L.S. Lowry, whose cartoon-like crowd scenes of industrial English workers influenced Longe, the artist takes the everyday for inspiration: the crowd passing through her local Brixton train station, sports, offices, or people walking in the street. Though Longe provides no hint of context, her paintings give a sense of peering into a vitrine, a voyeuristic act both hidden and revealed. They burn with quiet sympathy for the men and women she translates, and their inability to reach past their own dissociation.

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Night Walk, 2023, Oil on linen
Tender Kiss, 2023, Oil on linen
Sahara Longe: New Shapes – Timothy Taylor