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Sarah Cain: Wild Flower
Sarah Cain: Wild Flower, 18 April2 June 2018, London
Timothy Taylor, London is proud to announce Wild Flower, a solo exhibition of new works by LA-based artist Sarah Cain. This is Cain’s first exhibition with the gallery, and her first time exhibiting in the UK since her presentation at Bold Tendencies, in 2012.

A self-proclaimed “renegade”, Sarah Cain pushes the limits of the language of abstraction and challenges the established conventions of painting, fusing a myriad of gestures and materials, whilst incorporating quotidian and poetic ephemera. Working against the parameters of trial, risk and responsive experimentation, Cain systematically sets herself modal challenges, which are, in turn, resolved and overcome. The result is a chaotic equilibrium between the formal elements of painting and objects included into the surface. The title of the exhibition, and the eponymous painting Wild Flower, highlights the latent tenacity within Cain’s practice, likening it to the resilience of the small blooms that break their way through the tiniest cracks of concrete – a symbol of something unintentional, thriving in an unexpected environment.
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Sarah Cain: Wild Flower – Timothy Taylor