Annie Morris and Idris Khan: Two Worlds Entwined

Newlands House, Petworth, West Sussex, UK
11 February – 4 June 2023

Two Worlds Entwined: Annie Morris and Idris Khan explores the artistic practices of Annie Morris and Idris Khan within the historic and intimate setting of Newlands House gallery.

Artist Annie Morris’s multi-disciplinary practice draws on both personal experience and the history of art to create works of art noted for their energetic, electric nature. Idris Khan, drawing inspiration from the history of art and music as well as key philosophical and theological texts, investigates memory, creativity, and the layering of experience.

An artist couple, Annie and Idris were married in Dordogne in 2009. The exhibition will present, for the first time in the UK, the practice of this highly successful couple side by side, exploring the relationship present in the works as the artists each looks inwardly and outwardly to find their inspiration and voice as they experience life together and filter it through their unique and distinct practices.

The show will transform Newlands House into the creative realm of Annie and Idris, presenting both new works and historic pieces. Playful yet contemplative, audiences will be invited to fall into the colours, words, thoughts, and emotions stirred by the artworks and experience the atmosphere the couple conjures in their work. Bold and dynamic, the contrast of the contemporary with the historic rooms of the gallery will provide a new context for the art, one which mimics the familiar space of the home.