An Evening of Music with GEORGIA

Timothy Taylor, New York
9 July 2021

9 June 2021, 6:30pm—8pm


Join us next week for an evening of music inspired by our current group exhibition of young U.K.-based artist, Reconfigured, conceived and played by the sound collective GEORGIA and programmed by Emulsion magazine. This is the third event in a series of interactive events with New York-based artists, musicians and curators, created to respond to the themes and concepts within the exhibition.

GEORGIA is a two-person sound-making collective, comprised of members J. Tripp and Brian Close, based in New York. GEORGIA engages with a diverse range of music and sounds, and are particularly known for their experimental work with ambient and breakbeat sound. They have worked with RVNG INTL, Perks & Mini and VOGUE, among others.