Annie Morris

Chateau La Coste, France
1 July – 3 January 2023

The inaugural show in France by British artist Annie Morris will take place in the newly completed Oscar Niemeyer pavilion. The exhibition features new sculptures, tapestries and paintings, as well as a 6-metre tall bronze sculpture, her largest work to date, specially conceived for the grounds of Château La Coste.

Situated in one of the oldest winemaking regions of France, between the historic city of Aix-En-Provence and the Luberon National Park, Château La Coste is a vineyard where wine, art and architecture co-exist in harmony. Since it opened to the public in 2011, Château La Coste invites visitors to discover over forty major works of contemporary art installed in the open air and five gallery spaces dotted across the 500-acre site.

Taking centre stage in the exhibition is a group of Stacks – Morris’ iconic towers of vivid coloured spheres. Following the tragic stillbirth of her first child in 2014, these sculptures were inspired by the artist’s grief but have since become a “joyous obsession” for the artist. Carved by hand from pigmented plaster and sand, the works on view in Niemeyer’s vast concrete space contrast with the taller towers of Morris’ past Stack series.