Eddie Martinez x Avant Arte: Limited Edition Print

18 June, 6pm PT

Eddie Martinez has partnered with Avant Arte to release a new time-limited print of his painting Scaffold, originally a painting from the artist’s 2023 exhibition at Timothy Taylor in London.

A vase of flowers becomes a vessel for colour, line and shape in a print by Eddie Martinez.

Martinez channels frenetic energy first through quick drawings in his sketchbook, and later as bold brushstrokes on canvas. He prefers the image to reveal itself. Rather than embedding a specific message, meanings are left open for others to imagine.

Scaffold is full of power and life, in keeping with the artist's rhythmic, dance-like approach to making art. The strong colours and sharp contrast of his original painting have been maintained in the edition with a precisely calibrated base print, three bespoke silkscreen layers and a matte varnish seal.