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Eddie Martinez
Eddie Martinez, 1977

Eddie Martinez has gained international recognition for his extraordinary use of line and manipulation of colour, which he applies aggressively and in vividly contrasting combinations to his paintings and sculptures. His style draws from a deep understanding of painting’s histories, filtered through personal experience, popular culture and sport. Described as “indomitable” by Interview magazine, Martinez’s paintings incorporate coarse brushwork and bold contours through the combination of mediums such as oil, enamel and spray paint, and often include collaged found objects.

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Untitled, 2017, Oil paint and enamel on canvas
Cowboy Town, 2017, Silkscreen ink, oil paint, spray paint and enamel on canvas
Blue Stump, 2017, Oil paint on canvas
Wave Rider Study #1, 2017, Oil paint and spray paint on canvas
Intergalactic Go Fish #2, 2017, Silkscreen ink, oil paint, spray paint, enamel and thumbtack on canvas
Untitled, 2016, Oil paint, acrylic, spray paint, enamel, sharpie and crayon on paper



Eddie Martinez – Timothy Taylor