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Gabriel de la Mora
Gabriel de la Mora, 1968

For Gabriel de la Mora the artwork already exists before the artist, and therefore it is not his role to either create or destroy, but merely to transform. Worn soles of shoes, damaged photographs, matchboxes and found paintings are passed through a process of pentimento – of reworking, erasing and altering – generating palimpsest works that convey the effects of the passage of time, natural elements and histories of use; galvanising these narratives through a regulated surface.

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CI / 165 I, 2017, Glass microscope coverslips on museum board
'CI / 155 I', 2016, Glass coverslips
55,806, 2016, 55,806 eggshell pieces on wood
SD-186 / Mala hembra, 1950, 2015, Vintage photograph intervention
RM -117 / Los autómatas de la muerte, 1962, 2015, Vintage photograph intervention
Wide World Photo / 957083, 2015, Vintage photograph intervention



Gabriel de la Mora – Timothy Taylor