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Alexis Ralaivao
Alexis Ralaivao, 1991

Alexis Ralaivao (b. 1991, Rennes, France) is a self-taught French artist, known for his intimate and highly detailed paintings of moments captured in time.

Ralaivao’s work has been featured in various solo exhibitions, including There’s never any excuses not to do anything, ATM Gallery, New York (2020); Mino présente: Alexis Ralaivao, Galerie L’Aléatoire, Paris (2020); Basanés, portraits de français, Rennes Opera house, Rennes (2018) and Basanés, portraits de français, CRIJ de Bretagne, Rennes (2017). His work has been featured in group exhibitions such as Les jeunes ont les Rennes, Hotel de Ville de Rennes, Rennes (2018) and Urbaines, Antipode, Rennes (2018).

Ralaivao completed a residency at Casa Florence Loeb, Formentera, Spain in 2019. He received a BA in business and Foreign Languages from The University of Rennes II (2012); a BA in Communications from The University of Rennes II (2014) and a master’s degree in Visual Communications also from The University of Rennes II (2015). Ralaivao lives and works in Rennes, France.



Fraîcheur estivale, 2021, Oil on canvas
Chaleur hivernale, 2021, Oil on canvas



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